Computer Section 11

In MS Word, to show the page number in the footer as “a” instead of 1, you can click on the “Page Number Format” tool and specify the required setting. Selecting text means selecting “any of the above (word, entire sentence, whole document).” The page orientation of a document can be changed at any time. […]

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Computer Section 10

In Microsoft Word, the AutoCorrect was originally designed to replace “Misspelled” words as you type. The second step in creating a macro is to “Give the macro a name.” Ctrl + M Shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Indent the text.” Ctrl + W Shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Close Document.” The

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Computer Section 9

The CTRL+L shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Left Align.” The CTRL+V shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Paste Texts in the beginning of Document.” The “Ctrl + Delete” shortcut key is used in MS Word to “Delete the word just after the cursor.” The header and footer commands are located on the

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Computer Section 8

The feature that allows you to take a step backward if you’ve made a mistake is “Undo.” To get to the ‘Symbol’ dialog box in MS Word, click on the “Insert” menu and choose “Symbol.” Speaker’s information in PowerPoint is expressed in the “Speaker’s Panel.” To email a Word document from within MS Word 2016,

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Computer Section 7

To send a document with embedded True Type Fonts, you should select the “Embed True Type Fonts” option under the ‘Save’ tab. To disable extended selection mode in Microsoft Word, you can press the “Esc” key. The Ctrl+G shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to activate the “Goto” dialog box. The shortcut key Ctrl +

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Computer Section 6

The option in Office 365 to create a footer is: Insert, header and footer. The tool in MS Word that provides a list of synonyms is: Thesaurus. The Word Count command in MS Word displays the number of words as well as the number of: All of the above (lines, characters, paragraphs). To create a

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Computer Section 5

The shortcut key to display field codes in MS Word: Alt + F9. The position for fonts not available in MS Word: Centered. To advance rightward from one cell to the next in a table in MS Word, press the Tab key. To hide some paragraphs in MS Word, you can do it from the

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Computer Section 4

A Document Outline View in MS Word is a view with the structure of headings at various levels. Changing the appearance of a document is called: Formatting. In MS Word, Ctrl+Shift+C is the shortcut for: Copy Format Painter. The word “Virus” originates from which language? B. Latin. To create speaker note pages with slides, related

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Computer Section 3

In which generation of computers was the operating system used for the first time? Third. In MICR, C stands for: Character. In MS Excel, to delete duplicate values, the menu used is: Data. E-mail stands for: Electronic mail. The shortcut keys to switch to the next window are: Alt + Tab. The basic operations performed

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Computer Section 2

The generation of computers that used transistors for the first time is: Third. A website is a collection of: Web pages, graphic files, audio, and video files. The first to introduce the punch card was: Herman Hollerith. The communication protocol used by the Internet is: TCP/IP. To copy a picture of the screen to the

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