• In Microsoft Word, the AutoCorrect was originally designed to replace “Misspelled” words as you type.
    • The second step in creating a macro is to “Give the macro a name.”
    • Ctrl + M Shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Indent the text.”
    • Ctrl + W Shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Close Document.”
    • The abbreviation “BIOS” stands for “Basic Input/Output System.”
    • Ctrl + Home Shortcut key is used in Ms Word to “Move the cursor to the beginning of the Document.”
    • To shade words and paragraphs, you choose the menu “Format, Borders and Shading.”
    • On the works cited page, list works by each author’s last name and “italicize or underline” the title of the work.
    • The purpose of inserting headers and footers in a document is to “allow page headers and footers to appear on the document when printed.”
    • Pressing the enter key is not used to move the insertion point when it reaches the right margin.
    • To check mistakes before submitting a document to others in MS Word, you should use the “Spelling and Grammar” command.
    • Ctrl+S shortcut key in MS Word is used to “Save” the document.
    • A collection of predefined design elements and color schemes is known as a “theme.”
    • MS Word starts with the file “Winword.exe.”
    • To jump to the next column breaking the current column at the cursor position, you can use the “Break command from Insert menu.”
    • A letterhead should contain all of the following except the “logo.”
    • When you point to the upper-left corner of a table, the table move handle appears.
    • When you point to a text entry in the Office Clipboard gallery in PowerPoint, “the first several characters of text in the item display as a ScreenTip.”
    • To remove tab stop markers from the ruler, you can “Drag the tab stop marker out of the ruler.”
    • A screen element in MS Word that provides categorized options and is usually located below the title bar is the “Menu bar.”

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