• A Document Outline View in MS Word is a view with the structure of headings at various levels.
    • Changing the appearance of a document is called: Formatting.
    • In MS Word, Ctrl+Shift+C is the shortcut for: Copy Format Painter.
    • The word “Virus” originates from which language? B. Latin.
    • To create speaker note pages with slides, related notes, and a company logo, you can: Edit the notes master and add your company logo.
    • To add a slide to an existing presentation in PowerPoint, you should choose: Insert, New slide.
    • The entry effect as one slide replaces another in a show is called a: Slide transition.
    • To select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation, you press: Tab.
    • When selecting “Insert >> Picture >> From File” in Excel, you can insert: Pictures and clipArts.
    • The key used to cut text is: Select the text and press the delete button.
    • To start a slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint, you press: F5.
    • Actions that can be assigned to an action button or slide object include: Run a macro, Play a sound, Hyperlink.
    • To remove/hide the border of a shape in PowerPoint, you choose: No Outline.
    • Columns in Excel are labeled as: A, B, C, etc.
    • Ctrl, Shift, and Alt are called: Modifier keys.
    • An analog computer works on the supply of: Continuous electrical pulses.
    • HTML is the basic language used to create: Webpages.
    • In video editing, “Rendering” refers to: Final step of video production.
    • Time during which a job processed by the computer is: Execution Time.
    • In a computer spreadsheet, each cell contains: Value.

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