• The CTRL+L shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Left Align.”
    • The CTRL+V shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to “Paste Texts in the beginning of Document.”
    • The “Ctrl + Delete” shortcut key is used in MS Word to “Delete the word just after the cursor.”
    • The header and footer commands are located on the “Insert” tab in MS Word.
    • When a hyperlink is created, Word formats the Web address as “underlined and colored blue.”
    • The use of Document Map in MS Word is to “quickly navigate the document.”
    • HTTPS stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.”
    • Insert Date, Format Page Number, and Insert AutoText are buttons on the “Header and Footer” toolbar in MS Word.
    • The keyboard F12 key in MS Word opens a “Save As dialog box.”
    • Character formatting is the process of changing the way letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols appear on the screen and in print.
    • Ctrl + N Shortcut key is used in MS Word to “create a new document.”
    • A feature of MS Word that saves the document automatically after a certain interval is available on the “Save tab on Options dialog box.”
    • Ctrl + O Shortcut key is used in MS Word to “open a document.”
    • A document in portrait orientation prints “less characters per line than the same document in landscape.”
    • The ribbon in Word 2007 consists of a series of “Tabs.”
    • To break the current column and start a new column immediately in MS Word, you should “Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.”
    • To change margins in MS Word, you use the “Page Setup dialog box.”
    • When you insert an AutoShape by simply clicking in the document, “it appears near the insertion point.”
    • The keystroke used for updating a field in MS Word is “F9.”
    • HTTP stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol.”

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