• In which generation of computers was the operating system used for the first time? Third.
    • In MICR, C stands for: Character.
    • In MS Excel, to delete duplicate values, the menu used is: Data.
    • E-mail stands for: Electronic mail.
    • The shortcut keys to switch to the next window are: Alt + Tab.
    • The basic operations performed by a computer are: Arithmetic operation, Logical operation, Storage, and retrieval.
    • Components of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) include: Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit.
    • The father of modern digital computer is: Marcian E. Hoff.
    • The device required for Internet connection is: Modem.
    • Client computers (most of the time) in a client-server system are: Microcomputers.
    • Low level programming languages are classified as: Assembly languages.
    • Second Generation computers were developed during: 1956 to 1965.
    • An error in software or hardware is called a bug. The alternative computer jargon for it is: Glitch.
    • Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail, is known as: Spam.
    • BIOS stands for: Basic Input Output system.
    • RAM can be treated as the: Waiting room for the computer’s processor.
    • You use an input device such as a keyboard or mouse to input information.
    • A submenu appearing on a web page that opens another document when clicked is: Hyperlink.
    • Computers manipulate data in many ways, and this manipulation is called: Processing.
    • A person who gains unauthorized access to other people’s computers is a: Hacker.

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