• To send a document with embedded True Type Fonts, you should select the “Embed True Type Fonts” option under the ‘Save’ tab.
    • To disable extended selection mode in Microsoft Word, you can press the “Esc” key.
    • The Ctrl+G shortcut is used in Microsoft Word to activate the “Goto” dialog box.
    • The shortcut key Ctrl + F12 is used to open the “Open” dialog box in Microsoft Word.
    • A nonbreaking hyphen is used to prevent a line break between two words in Microsoft Word.
    • Pressing Ctrl + Shift + F8 in Microsoft Word activates the “rectangular selection.”
    • When you insert an Excel worksheet into a Word document, “Word is the destination document.”
    • The Ctrl + C shortcut key is used in Microsoft Word to “Copy the selected text.”
    • Essential business letter elements include the “date line and inside address,” “message,” and “signature block.”
    • A “paragraph break character” is a formatting mark at the end of a line that moves the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical line in Word.
    • To display more of the document on the screen in print layout view, the “gray space between pages” can be hidden.
    • By default, Microsoft Word places a tab stop at every “.5″ mark on the ruler.
    • A minimum space of “0” must be provided between columns in Microsoft Word.
    • To change the typeface of a document in Microsoft Word, you should choose the “Format” menu.
    • Microsoft Excel 2019 files have a default extension of “.Xlsx.”
    • In PowerPoint, a motion path is a “type of animation entrance effect.”
    • In the context of animations, a “trigger” in PowerPoint is an “item on the slide that performs an action when clicked.”
    • The Slide sorter view is the best view to use when setting transition effects for all slides in a presentation.
    • Lines, curve, free form, and scribble in PowerPoint are “types of custom motion paths.”
    • If you want all the slides in a presentation to have the same “look,” you should use a “presentation design template.”

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