• The option in Office 365 to create a footer is: Insert, header and footer.
    • The tool in MS Word that provides a list of synonyms is: Thesaurus.
    • The Word Count command in MS Word displays the number of words as well as the number of: All of the above (lines, characters, paragraphs).
    • To create a line break that advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical line in MS Word, you press: Shift + Enter.
    • Adding a background image to all slides in PowerPoint to create a uniform appearance can be done by: Editing the slide master.
    • The option that bypasses the print dialog box when printing individual slides or an entire presentation in PowerPoint is: The print button.
    • In PowerPoint, frames associated with a web page are stored in a single file called the: Frames page.
    • The term that means “to reckon” is: Putare.
    • To change margin settings in Word 2016, you click on: Layout Tab on the menu bar and then point to the Page Margins.
    • Half of a byte is called: Nibble.
    • Two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to a presentation in PowerPoint are: .wav files and .gif files.
    • To exit PowerPoint, you double click the: Application control menu icon.
    • The tool that enables you to add text to a slide in PowerPoint without using standard placeholders is: Text toolbox.
    • The option that can be used to create a new slide show with the current slides presented in a different order in PowerPoint is: Custom slide show.
    • To add a background image to all slides in PowerPoint and create a uniform appearance, you edit: The slide master.
    • Font color can be formatted using buttons on the formatting toolbar in Microsoft Word: Underlining.
    • To format a footer in Microsoft Office, you use the menu option: Format, header and footer.
    • To replace a font on all slides with another font in PowerPoint, use the “Format, Replace Fonts” option.
    • Sans serif fonts are best suitable for titles and headlines in PowerPoint.
    • VAB stands for “Voice Answer Back.”

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