• The shortcut key to display field codes in MS Word: Alt + F9.
    • The position for fonts not available in MS Word: Centered.
    • To advance rightward from one cell to the next in a table in MS Word, press the Tab key.
    • To hide some paragraphs in MS Word, you can do it from the Font dialog box.
    • The panel in the Resume Wizard dialog box that indicates the wizard is ready to create the document: Finish panel.
    • To apply a predefined format to a Word 2016 table, use Table style.
    • SIM on a cell phone stands for: Subscriber Identity Module.
    • The file format that can be added to a PowerPoint show: All of the above (jpg, giv, wav).
    • To edit an embedded organization chart object in PowerPoint, right-click the chart object and choose “Edit MSOrganization Chart object.”
    • To have a PowerPoint photo album slide show play continuously, use random slide transitions.
    • Slide show options available to the presenter include all of the following except: Meeting reminder command.
    • Moving the mouse around a slide while holding down the left mouse key is called: Dragging.
    • The number of steps between Start and Finish in AutoContent Wizard: 3.
    • The option in PowerPoint that allows carrying slides from one computer to another: Pack and Go.
    • Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called: Transitions.
    • One way to make a PowerPoint slide display animations is to: Select the slide in slide sorter view, right-click, and choose preset animations from the shortcut menu.
    • The inventor of the Java programming language: James Gosling.
    • The operation that can’t be performed by a Queue: Traversing.
    • Vendor-created program modifications are called: Patches.

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