601. Sound travels fastest in Glass.
602. ‘Lufthansa’ is the name of airline of Germany.
603. Monaco has the shortest and Canada has the largest coastline country in the world.
604. ‘Land of Maple Lear is the nickname of Canada.
605. ‘Sick Man of Europe’ is called Turkey.
606. “Crimean peninsula” lies between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.
607. The first Muslim scientist who presented the law of reflection and refraction islbn-ulHaitham.
608. Canada is called “Land of Lilies”.
609. Grand central terminal of New York is the largest railway station
610. The Seikan railway tunnel in Japan is the longest railway tunnel in the world
611. Longest road tunnel is St. Goatherd Rd. located in Switzerland 16.3 km long.
612. “Yangtze Kiang” is the largest river of Asia.
613. Kingdom of Khwarzim was destroyed in 1218-20 AD by Changaiz Khan.
614. King khalid international airport, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) is the largest airport in the world.
615. Mandarin (Chinese) is the most spoken language of the world.
616. “Edmund Hillary” is the first man who successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 1953.
617. Parliament of Russia is Duma.
618. Which European capital doesn’t the River Danube flow through? Rome
619. From which modem country did the Franks come? Germany
620. China was discovered by Marco Polo.

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