501. The highest peak of Africa is: Mt. Kilimanjaro.
502. The Australian Open was first held in: 1905.
503. The smallest state in Asia is: Maldives.
504. The currency of Israel is: Shekel.
505. The famous children’s television show “Ainak Wala Jinn” was broadcasted by PTV in: 1993.
506. The European who first landed on the Indian Subcontinent was: Vasco da Gama.
507. Washington D.C was organized in the year: 1801.
508. The football player who has scored the most goals ever in football history is: Pele.
509. China lies to the north of Pakistan.
510. The Yellow Sea lies between China and Korea.
511. The capital of Lebanon is Beirut.
512. The national flower of Tunisia is Jasmine.
513. The first ‘Crossword’ puzzle in the world was published in: 1913.
514. The national vegetable of Pakistan is Lady Finger.
515. “APP” news agency belongs to: Pakistan.
516. Germany attacked France during World War II in the year: 1940.
517. Green River is located in the U.S.
518. Facebook went public on: May 18, 2012.
519. The country that has “Rial” as its currency is: Iran.
520. The national flower of South Africa is King Protea.

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