101. “Buka” is the capital of: Bougainville.
102. Elephants are the only animals that can’t: Jump.
103. The Bering Strait separates Asia from: America.
104. The first country to make education compulsory is: Prussia.
105. Spectrum is made of ____ colors: 7.
106. The largest wheat-producing country in the world is: China.
107. The old name of Egypt was: United Arab Republic.
108. The country with the highest divorce rate according to the UNO is: Maldives.
109. The new name of the country Swaziland is: eSwatini.
110. The first blind civil judge of Lahore High Court in Pakistan was: Yousaf Saleem.
111. Muhammad Bin Qaseem died in: 18 July 715 AD.
112. Federation cup, World cup, Allwyn international trophy, and challenge cup are awarded to winners of: Volleyball.
113. World Hemophilia Day is observed on: April 17th.
114. The country with the world’s largest constitution is: India.
115. The national flower of Liberia is: Pepper.
116. The 17th Asian games were held in: Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia.
117. The office of the UN General Assembly is in: New York.
118. Kazakhstan declared independence from the Soviet Union in: 1991.
119. Russia withdrew from Afghanistan under the: Geneva Accord.
120. St. George Fort was built in: Madras (now Chennai).

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