1. Headquarters of ICC is located at Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
2. Manometer is used to determine the pressure of a gas.
3. Famous painting Sistine Chapel Ceiling painted by Michelangelo (Italian)
4. Aramco” is a Saudi Arabian Oil Company.
5. “Queen’s House” is the official residency of Sri Lankan President.
6. The Japanese call their country as: Nippon.
7. Israel’s Parliament is called: Knesset.
8. International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed annually on: 21 March.
9. The smallest state in the US by population is: Wyoming.
10. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ruled from: 1520 to 1566.
11. ECG is used for the diagnosis of ailments of the: Heart.
12. Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 together with another South African leader, whose name was: Frederick de Klerk.
13. The national flower of Kuwait is: Arfaj.
14. The world’s largest land border is between: Russia and China.
15. The real name of Tipu Sultan or Tiger of Mysore was: Fateh Ali. 16. Kalim-Allah Shah was the last king of the Bahmani empire. He died in: 1557.
17. The Empire State Building is in: New York.
18. The International Women Year was observed by UNO in: 1975.
19. Mahan Airline belongs to which country: Iran.
20. The permanent Secretariat of G-20 is located in: No permanent secretariat.

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