1101.  The first Emperor in China was Qin Shi Huagdi.
1102. Japan has the oldest monarchy.
1103. The author of the book “Shehron Mein Shehr Karachi” is Nasreen Aslam.
1104. The motto of the 21st Commonwealth Games was “Share the dream.”
1105. Shahid Beheshti port lies in Iran.
1106. Fleet Street is famous for newspapers and press agencies offices.
1107. The Suez Canal is in Egypt.
1108. Christopher Columbus belonged to Italy.
1109. The continent where ‘Tundra’ type of climate is not found is Africa.
1110. The first-ever World Cotton Day (WCD) hosted by WTO was in Geneva.
1111. The most urbanized province of Pakistan is Sindh.
1112. The International Cricket Council (ICC) was founded in 1909.
1113. QMobile was launched in 2009.
1114. Pakistan won the World Hockey Cup for the 4th time in 1994.
1115. The world’s narrowest street is Vicolo della Virilita.
1116. The first battle of Panipat began on April 21, 1526.
1117. The famous poet of Pakistan who was given the title “Khuda e sukhan” or “God of poetry” is Meer Taqi Meer.
1118. Afghanistan did not win a single match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.
1119. Fatima Jinnah joined the All India Muslim League in 1939.
1120. Muhammad bin Zakaria Al-Razi was a polymath, physician, alchemist, and philosopher from Iran.

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