1001. Rabat is the capital of Morocco.
1002. Orographic or Relief rainfall occurs in most of the world.
1003. The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth is known as Geology.
1004. On 18th May 1974, India exploded its first nuclear device under the code name of Operation Smiling Buddha.
1005. The average life expectancy for a person diagnosed with HIV/AIDS is around 2 years.
1006. Sher Shah Suri was a Pashtun.
1007. World UFO Day is celebrated on July 2nd.
1008. The headquarter of Pakistan NAVY is in Islamabad.
1009. Kwame Nkrumah was one of the leaders of Africa.
1010. The term “United Kingdom” was first used in the year 1800.
1011. During Ranjit Singh’s regime, the court language was Persian.
1012. The world’s longest non-stop commercial flight starts from Qatar and lands in New Zealand.
1013. Tea can be best cultivated on Hill slopes.
1014. Lena River is located in Russia.
1015. +20 is the international code for Egypt.
1016. Man stepped out on the moon in the year 1969.
1017. The world’s oldest human rights organization is Anti-Slavery International.
1018. The capital of Belarus is Minsk.
1019. The length of a cricket bat is 38 inches.
1020. SUPARCO stands for The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission.

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