Political Science

Geography One Liners Section 2

Geography One Liners Section 1   Hutu and Tutsi tribes live in Rwanda. Since the 1970s, the tourist industry has developed in Sri Lanka. Arakan Yoma, an extended Himalayan chain, is located in Myanmar. Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg are also called Low countries. Adriatic, Aegean, and Baltic are seas. Human Development Index is an indicator […]

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International Law

International Law The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ of the UN. State immunity means that a state is not subject to foreign court’s jurisdiction. The Contiguous Zone is an area of sea beyond territorial waters. Non-registration of a treaty means the treaty cannot be invoked before a UN organ. Pacta sunt

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Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution The Constitution of India was promulgated on January 26, 1950. The lengthiest written constitution in the world is that of India. The Constituent Assembly of India appointed a “Drafting Committee” on August 29, 1947. The Chairman of the “Drafting Committee” for the Indian Constitution was Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The present Constitution of India

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Constitution of France

Constitution of France The French Revolution of 1789 marked the beginning of France’s Constitutional history. Monarchy in France ended with the establishment of the first Republic in 1792. The last monarch of France before the revolution was from the Bourbon dynasty. The First Republic of France lasted from 1792 to 1804. Napoleon Bonaparte transformed the

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USA Constitution

USA Constitution The Federal Government of the U.S.A. came into existence on April 30, 1787. In 1787, the original constitution was drafted by a convention held at Philadelphia. The American Declaration of Independence was issued in 1776. The United States at present is a federation consisting of 50 States. In America, ‘the residuary power’ are

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UK Constitution

UK Constitution Number of members in the House of Commons after the election on 6 May, 2010: 650. Members of the House of Lords in the UK: 644 (Answer: BC). House of Lords Act was passed in: 1989. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, belongs to: Conservative Party. Gordon Brown belongs to which

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Muslim Political Thought

Muslim Political Thought Al-Farabi, born in 870 A.D., is known as the second teacher. Al-Farabi died in 950 A.D. Al-Farabi’s writings reconciled Greek thought and Islamic Shariat. Al-Farabi wrote “Ara Madinatul Fazila.” Al-Farabi attempted to reconcile Greek thought and Islamic Shariat. Al-Farabi’s works include commentaries on Plato and Aristotle. Al-Farabi is an authority on Greek

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Aristotle’s Political Thought

Aristotle’s Political Thought Aristotle’s view that tragedy evokes pity and fear for catharsis. Aristotle’s belief in the eternal existence of the universe. Aristotle’s “doctrine of the mean” emphasizes virtue between extremes. Aristotle’s preferred government is a balanced polity. Aristotle’s belief in women’s subordination due to perceived deficiencies. Aristotle’s tailored education based on individual potential. Aristotle’s

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Political Thought of Plato

Political Thought of Plato The ancient philosopher who wrote “The Republic” was Plato. Plato founded the Academy in 387 B.C. The mentor of Plato was Socrates. Plato was a philosopher, mathematician, and founder of the Academy in Athens. Plato’s teacher was Socrates. Aristotle was the student of Plato. Plato, along with Socrates and Aristotle, laid

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Western Political Thoughts

Western Political Thoughts According to Socrates, directed by wisdom ends happiness. Socrates reacts to Anytus’ disapproval of the Sophists with amazement. Protagoras is used as an example of a rich Sophist. Anytus suggests that Meno talk to any Athenian on the street to learn about virtue. Gorgias refuses to say that he can teach virtue.

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