Synonyms and Antonyms

Word Synonyms Antonyms Urdu Meaning Arrogant Conceited, Proud, Haughty Humble, Modest مغرور Arrogant Conceited, Proud, Haughty Humble, Modest مغرور Delegate Representative, Agent Officer, Servant وفدی، مندوب Vagrant Roving, Wandering, Homeless Stable, Settled بے گھر، آوارہ Puerile Childish, Immature, Juvenile Mature, Grown-up بچوں کی طرح Cameo Minor role, Appearance Major role, Leading role چھوٹے کردار Mano […]

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1. Books are a great source of happiness. 2. This flying coach is bound to Karachi. 3. Green pepper is very rich in vitamin C. 4. I am worried about the exam. 5. Please wait for me. I will be finished in five or ten minutes. 6. I’m getting late to office. 7. The club

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One Word Substitution

1. An office or post with no work but high pay is called: Sinecure. 2. Secretly listening to a conversation is called: Eavesdropping. 3. A long poem narrating achievements of a hero or legendary figures is known as: Epic. 4. The offence of marrying someone while already married to another person is known as: Bigamy.

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“To be at loggerheads” means to be in strong disagreement or dispute. “Have an Axe to Grind” means having a selfish motive. “Banton” refers to good manners. “To bury the hatchet” means to make peace. “To make a clean breast of” means to confess without reserves. “A litmus test” means a decisively indicative test. “Get

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Active and Passive Voice

Active: Do they cheerfully greet me every morning? Passive: Am I cheerfully greeted by them every morning? Active: Will you praise her very much? Passive: Will she be praised very much by you? Active: Should we avoid tranquilizers for good health? Passive: Should tranquilizers be avoided by us for good health? Active: Do we avoid

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