Active: Do they cheerfully greet me every morning?
Passive: Am I cheerfully greeted by them every morning?

Active: Will you praise her very much?
Passive: Will she be praised very much by you?

Active: Should we avoid tranquilizers for good health?
Passive: Should tranquilizers be avoided by us for good health?

Active: Do we avoid encouraging indiscipline?
Passive: Is indiscipline not encouraged by us?

Active: Did the people elect him Mayor?
Passive: Was he elected Mayor by the people?

Active: Who is creating this mess?
Passive: By whom is this mess being created?

Active: Why do you tell a lie?
Passive: Why is a lie told by you?

Active: Did his wife upbraid him for his irresponsible handling of family finance?
Passive: Was he upbraided by his wife for his irresponsible handling of family finance?

Active: Did they hold a meeting very early?
Passive: Was a meeting held by them very early?

Active: Do people speak English all over the world?
Passive: Is English spoken all over the world?

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