1. An office or post with no work but high pay is called: Sinecure.
2. Secretly listening to a conversation is called: Eavesdropping.
3. A long poem narrating achievements of a hero or legendary figures is known as: Epic.
4. The offence of marrying someone while already married to another person is known as: Bigamy.
5. The action of killing a king is called: Regicide.
6. Violation of something holy or sacred is: Sacrilege.
7. Hard to understand is: Abstruse.
8. One who has obstinate and narrow religious views is called: Bigot.
9. One who does not follow the usual rules of social life is called: Bohemian.
10. A disease that spreads over a large area is called: Epidemic.
11. International destruction of racial groups is known as: Genocide.
12. A story of old-time gods or heroes is: Epic.
13. Through which light cannot pass: Opaque.
14. A disease that is liable to be transmitted to people through the environment is known as: Infectious.
15. A form of written language for blind people is known as: Braille.
16. A large enclosure for confining birds is known as: Aviary.
17. Fear of closed places: Claustrophobia.
18. Living at the same time is: Contemporary.
19. The study of ancient writings is: Paleography.
20. Specialized in nose disease is: Rhinologist.

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