Biology Section 2

  • Fungi lack centriole.
  • Radiotherapy is instituted in a cancerous patient.
  • Cuscuta is a parasitic plant.
  • Cloning does not involve methods of sexual reproduction.
  • True roots are absent in bryophytes.
  • Removal or degradation of environmental pollutants by living organisms is called bioremediation.
  • The mechanism for ATP synthesis is chemiosmosis.
  • Tetanus is not a viral disease.
  • The enzyme present in saliva is ptyalin.
  • In the human body, 99% of the total mass is formed of 6 bio-elements.
  • Nitrogen is present in proteins.
  • Biological organization is highly complex.
  • Operculum is present in bony fish.
  • Organelles are the arrangement of subcellular structures.
  • In frogs, respiratory surfaces are found in more than one organ.
  • Communities are dynamic collections of organisms.
  • The heart is enclosed in a pericardium.
  • The number of known species of organisms is 2,500,000.
  • From the right ventricle, blood is pushed into the pulmonary trunk.
  • Histology is the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of tissues.

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