Pak Study Section 8

    • First Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan: FM Khan.
    • White strip in the flag of Pakistan represents: Minorities.
    • Muslim leader received the title of “Knighthood” in 1888: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
    • Year in which PIA was established: 1955
    • National insignia of Pakistan is: Crescent and star.
    • MPA stands for: Member of Provincial Assembly.
    • MLA stands for: Member of Legislative Assembly.
    • Voter turnout in the 1997 general elections: 35 percent.
    • Voter turnout in the 1993 general elections: 40 percent.
    • Former president Pervez Musharraf resigned in: August 2008.
    • Shangla Pass connects: Upper Swat with Lower Swat.
    • Nanga Parbat is in which mountain range: Himalayas.
    • President has all the powers but exercises them with the advice of: PM and Cabinet.
    • Almost how many languages are spoken in Pakistan: 30.
    • Turkish designer who designed the biggest mosque of Pakistan: Vedat Dalokay.
    • Kirthar National Park is in which province of Pakistan: Sindh.
    • Word “Quetta” means: Fort.
    • Sindh University Jamshoro was established in: 1947.
    • Quaid-e-Azam started practice in which city of subcontinent: Bombay.
    • Annulment of partition of Bengal took place in: 1911.

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