Pak Study Section 6

    • Pir Ilahi Bux Tower (Literacy tower) is located in which city of Sindh: Sukkur.
    • Local language of city Umerkot is: Dhatki.
    • The slogan of PNA (Pakistan National Alliance): Nizam-e-Mustafa.
    • Pakistan began observing February 5 as Kashmir Day in: 2004.
    • Lawrence Garden Lahore was a gift from: Lala Lawrence.
    • Desert found in the province Punjab is: Thal.
    • The famous Nili Ravi of Sahiwal: Buffalo.
    • Younas Khan Sports Complex is situated in: Waziristan.
    • Air Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam was born on: 6th July 1935.
    • Goldsmid Line is the border between: China & India.
    • Upper ceiling of land under Land Reform Regulation Act of 1972: 500 irrigated and 1000 unirrigated acres.
    • The Lucknow Pact between the Indian National Congress and Muslim League was signed in: 1916.
    • First published Urdu Newspaper named Jam-i-Jahan Numa was published from: Calcutta.
    • The theory of kingship presented by: Sultan Balban.
    • The Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed in: 1931.
    • Author of the book “Tareekh-o-Irtiqa”: Imtiaz Hussain.
    • Author of ‘With the Quaid-i-Azam During His Last Days’: Col. Elahi Bakash.
    • China lies to the north of Pakistan.
    • First daily Balochi Newspaper: Roznama Nawa e Watan.
    • Quaid-e-Azam’s 14 points were presented in response to: Nehru Report.

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