Pak Study Section 10

  • Old name of Quetta: Shalkot.
  • Tallest building in Karachi: Bahria Icon Tower.
  • The oldest news agency of Pakistan is: APP.
  • Map of Shah Faisal Mosque was made by: Vedat Dalokay of Turkey.
  • Year Muhammad Bin Qaseem died: 18 July 715 AD.
  • Second constitutional assembly was reconstituted on: 15 May 1955.
  • Dr. Nabi Bux Blouch regarded Kalhora era as: Dark era of literature.
  • One Unit was created in the year: 1955.
  • Donation received by Muhammad Ali Jinnah for ‘Dawn’ trust: Rs 150,000.
  • Only Muslim member who opposed the Objectives Resolution 1949 in the Assembly: Main Iftikarud-Din.
  • Number of deserts in Punjab Province: 2.
  • Appointed eight-member of National Security Council after his military coup: General Pervez Musharraf.
  • Year Pirpur Report was published: 1938.
  • FPSC is governed by: FPSC Ordinance 1977.
  • Ruler who belonged to the Slave Dynasty: Iltumish.
  • First Recipient of “Nishan i Haider”: Captain Sarwar Shaheed.
  • Elite Force Punjab was formed in: 1998.
  • Pakistan won the World Hockey Cup for the 4th time in: 1994.
  • Second largest Gas field of Pakistan: Uch Gas Field.
  • Pakistan is a bridge state between: South Asia and Southwest Asia.
  • Liaqat Ali Khan became the secretary of All India Muslim League in: 1936.
  • Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan is appointed by: President.
  • Current Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy: Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi.
  • Types of industry in Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan (Private) Limited: Grocery.
  • Number of members part of the committee for 18th amendment: 26.
  • Smart Card (Smart National Identity Card) Issued in Pakistan in: 2012.
  • Swat valley became a part of Pakistan in: 1969.

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