Pak Study Section 1

  • First President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan: Quaid-e-Azam.
  • Age prescribed for President in 1956 constitution: 40 years.
  • System of Government introduced in 1973 constitution: Parliamentary.
  • Total articles in the 1973 constitution: 280 Articles.
  • Starter of the Faraizi Movement: Haji Shariat Ullah.
  • Year Kashmiris started freedom movement against Dogra rule: 1930.
  • Mountain range located in Sindh Province: Kirthar Range.
  • First Charter of Human Rights: Khutba Hajjat-ul-Vida.
  • Area between rivers Jhelum and Chenab: Chaj.
  • First book of Pushto language: Pata Khazana.
  • Location of Shakarparrian: Islamabad.
  • Total area of Balochistan Province: 347,190 Sq Km.
  • First Chief of Staff of Pak Army: General Takka Khan.
  • Range of Hatf-3: 290km.
  • C-in-C of Pakistan Army during the 1965 War: General Muhammad Musa Khan.
  • Location of Pakistan Naval Staff College: Karachi.
  • Area of KPK: 101,741
  • First Muslim Governor of KPK after Independence: Sahibzada Muhammad Khursheed.
  • Largest city of KPK: Peshawar.
  • National Museum of Pakistan location: Karachi.

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