301. Pakistan is a member of the APG (Asia Pacific Group) since the year: 2000.
302. Mount Olympus is located in: Greece.
303. The Battle of Hastings was fought in the year: 1066.
304. The official language of the tiny nation between France and Spain is: Catalan.
305. Queen Elizabeth has visited Pakistan: Two times.
306. Alexandroupolis is the seaport of: Greece.
307. Park G├╝ell is in: Spain.
308. The Communist Manifesto was originally published in the language: German.
309. The headquarters of the International Telecommunication Union is in: Geneva, Switzerland.
310. The Prime Minister of Britain during Indo-Pak Partition was: Clement Attlee.
311. Alexander the Great was 32 years old when he died in Babylon.
312. The country with its parliament named as “National Congress” is: Bolivia & Venezuela.
313. Tiananmen Square is located in: China, Beijing.
314. “Islam at the Crossroads” was originally written in the year: 1934.
315. The first-ever non-Muslim woman elected to Pakistan’s senate was: Krishna Kumari.
316. The famous fast-food restaurant company “Burger King” belongs to: America.
317. The waterway that gives the source of terrestrial moisture is: Ocean
318. The founder of ‘Zamindar’ newspaper was: Maulana Zafar Ali Khan.
319. Firdausi was known for being a poet and for his epic.
320. The study of sound is known as: Acoustics.

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