1901. There were 15 sports in the Winter Olympics 2018.
1902. The area of Japan is 377,972 km².
1903. Soccer is the number one game in the world.
1904. The Braille education system was introduced by Braille for blinds.
1905. There are 2 crop seasons in Pakistan.
1906. The Industrial Revolution first took place in England.
1907. Manila is the capital and seaport of the Philippines.
1908. The largest continent (by area) of the world is Asia.
1909. The name of the war fought between England and Argentina is the Falkland War.
1910. Queen Elizabeth I of England belongs to the Tudor dynasty.
1911. The largest mobile service in Pakistan is Mobilink.
1912. The headquarters of the African Union (AU) is located in Addis Ababa.
1913. The headquarters of NATO is located in Brussels.
1914. The furniture item invented by California furniture designer Charles Prior Hall in 1968 is the Waterbed.
1915. The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh.
1916. A Quadrillion has 15 zeros.
1917. Pakistan Television started in the reign of Ayub Khan.
1918. GST was first imposed by France in the world.
1919. Japan attacked Manchuria in the year 1931.
1920. OIC changed its name from Organisation of the Islamic Conference to Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in 2011.

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