101. Kalabagh Dam is located in Mianwali.
102. In the year 1992, Pakistan was world champion of Cricket, Hockey, Squash & Snooker.
103. The Taliban Office opened in Qatar in 2013.
104. International Mountain Day is observed every year on December 11.
105. Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, was built by Al Mansoor.
106. Island Aviation Services is the government-run airlines of Maldives.
107. Juba is the capital of South Sudan.
108. Karez is the irrigation system of Balochistan.
109. Kutte ki Qabar (The Dog’s Grave) an Area Disputed between Sindh and Balochistan is located in the Kirthar range.
110. Lake Tana is located in Ethiopia.
111. Latitude of a place is indicative of its temperature.
112. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Italy.
113. The Louvre museum is located in Paris.
114. Luxor is the city of Egypt.
115. M2 is the motorway between Islamabad to Lahore.
116. The most populated country of South America is Brazil.
117. “My Life” is the autobiography of Bill Clinton.
118. The Myanmar city is also called the “Land of Pagoda.”
119. The Nagorno Karabakh region is recognized as part of Azerbaijan.
120. Nagqu is located in China.

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