601. Coke is made by heating coal in the absence of air at a high temperature.
602. The amount of energy in wheat is approximately 348 K Calories per 100 grams.
603. Muscles, tissues, and blood are made up of proteins.
604. Solitary bees can have just two teeth. The bumblebee has a total of six.
605. Rate of evaporation of petrol is greater than that of water at room temperature because petrol molecules do not have any hydrogen bonds.
606. The discovery of neutron was delayed because it does not carry any charge.
607. The reaction between methane and chlorine in diffused sunlight is radical substitution.
608. Fish respire through gills.
609. Dialysis is used in the treatment of kidney failure.
610. The most important effect of the Moon on Earth is its influence on ocean tides.
611. Cotton is grown on black soil.
612. Nephology is the study of clouds.
613. Tetanus is caused by the bacterium Clostridium.
614. The brain of a human adult weighs about 1200-1300 grams.
615. Rearing honey bees for honey production is called apiculture.
616. The first element in the periodic table is hydrogen.
617. Tooth decay is caused by sugar.
618. Soap is a salt.
619. 746 watts are equivalent to 1 horsepower (HP).
620. The study of the position and movement of heavenly bodies is astronomy.

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