Units of Different Forces

1. The unit of Atmospheric pressure is Bar.

2. The SI unit of charge is Coulomb.

3. Parsec is a unit of Distance.

4. Coulomb is the scientific unit to measure Electric charge.

5. A light year is a unit of Length.

6. The smallest unit of heredity is Gene.

7. Fathom is the unit of measurement for Depth.

8. Foot Candle is not a unit of distance.

9. One Astronomical unit is equal to 150 million km.

10. Kilohertz (kHz) is a unit which measures Electromagnetic radio wave frequencies.

11. Potential difference is the “Work done in moving a unit charge between two points in an electric circuit.”

12. SI unit of time is Second.

13. The SI unit of volume is Meter cube.

14. The SI base unit for mass is Kilogram.

15. Tesla is the unit of Magnetic Field Strength.

16. The unit of torque in the International system of units is Newton-Meter.

17. The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is Fermi.

18. The SI unit of pressure is Pascal.

19. Cusec is a unit of None of these.

20. Siemens is the unit of Electrical Conductance.

21. The three basic units of measurement for the metric system are Metre, litre, and gramme.

22. Gas bills are charged in BTU.

23. The unit of electric current is Ampere.

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