1. Russian oil and gas company providing oil and gas to European countries: Gazprom Company
2. Planet with the maximum number of satellites: Jupiter
3. Largest planet: Jupiter
4. Main reason for disqualification of Arial Sharon for the office of Prime Minister of Israel: Illness
5. Vessels of blood carrying blood from different parts of the body to the heart: Veins
6. Two seas linked by the Suez Canal: The Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
7. Diego Garcia is a: United States military base in the Indian Ocean
8. Year European rulers captured Palestine from Muslims in Crusade War: 1099
9. Kremlin is: Offices of Russian Government
10. Mass of ice originating in mountains in snowfields above the snowline: Glaciers
11. Diameter of Earth: 12756 km
12. Freezing point of heavy water: 3.82 °C
13. Number of satellites (moons) of Saturn planet: 62
14. Person who died of natural death among Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi: None of the above (All were assassinated)
15. Ivy League: A group of eight universities in the USA
16. Law stating “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”: Newton’s third law of motion
17. Current President of France (2021): Emmanuel Macron
18. First ambassador of Pakistan to UNO: Ahmad Shah Patras Bokhari
19. Country not a member of G-8: China
20. Hepatitis is a viral disease of: Liver
21. Start of the Taliban’s movement in 1994: Kandahar, Afghanistan
22. Cities of Iran and Pakistan linked through a railway line: Quetta-Zahedan
23. Seaport of Haifa is in: Israel
24. Headquarters of UNESCO: Paris
25. Main cause of earthquakes: Tectonic plates’ movement
26. Digital Divide term related to: Socioeconomic differences in the technology era
27. Year Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was established: 1884
28. Author of the book “Struggle for Pakistan”: I.H Qureshi
29. Third founder member of ECO (RCD) except Pakistan and Iran: Turkey
30. Zeros in one trillion: Twelve
31. First Asian to receive the Nobel Prize: Rabindranath Tagore
32. Location of World Trade Centre (USA) before the attack: Ground Zero
33. 10th Conference of ECO in 2009 held in: Iran
34. Meaning of “Amicus Curiae”: A person invited to advise a lower court on a matter of law in a case
35. Nuclear Fission: Atom splits into two masses
36. Muslim people of Sinkiang province: Uighur
37. Group emphasizing the authority of the Bible and personal salvation through faith: Evangelical
38. Litani River located in: Lebanon
39. “Ikebana” is the Japanese art of: Flower arrangement
40. Gestapo was the secret police organization of: Germany
41. National floral symbol of Pakistan: Jasmine (Chambeli)
42. Disease caused by the deficiency of insulin: Diabetes
43. Primary colors: Red, Blue, Green
44. Wonder of the world situated in Iraq: Hanging Gardens
45. Main cause of failure of Pakistan-India-Iran gas pipeline project: Economic and political pressure of the USA
46. Pariah state: A state not acceptable to the world and avoided by every country
47. Track-II Diplomacy: Managing relations between two countries using unofficial channels
48. Oldest stock exchange of the world: Amsterdam Stock Exchange
49. Amount with which Pakistan State Bank started working on July 1, 1948: Thirty Millions
50. Al-Hilal newspaper associated with: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
51. Country giving the right of monarchy to women by amending the constitution recently: Japan
52. Oldest invention: Clock
53. Holocaust: Killing of Jews during World War II
54. E=mc², where C is: Velocity of light
55. Myopia is a defect of vision for: Distant objects
56. Father of Modern Psychology: Sigmund Freud
57. First Chief Minister of Punjab province: Iftikhar Hussain Memdoot
58. French Muslim football star Zidane’s birthplace: Algeria
59. Choreography: Art of dancing
60. Doctrine of necessity used for the first time in Pakistan in: Maulvi Tamiz-ud-Din Vs State case
61. AWACS abbreviation: Airborne Warning and Control System
62. Location of Golden Gate: San Francisco, USA
63. Writ direct to the person detaining another: Writ of Habeas Corpus
64. When the stock market is falling down, it is called: Bearish
65. River crossing the Equator twice: Congo
66. Headquarters of Asian Development Bank (ADB): Manila
67. Vitamin provided by sunlight to the human body: Vitamin D
68. Conqueror of Central Asia: Qutayba Bin Muslim
69. Author of “India Wins Freedom”: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
70. Author of the famous book “A History of God”: Karen Armstrong
71. Country situated below sea level: Netherlands (Holland)
72. “The Spirit of Islam” book author: Syed Ameer Ali
73. Location of Akhori Dam: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
74. Location of Taklamakan Desert: China
75. Khalil Jibran belonged to: Lebanon
76. Headquarters of the World Economic Forum: Davos, Switzerland
77. Qutab-ud-Din Aibak died while playing: Polo (Chugan)
78. Babar’s tomb location: Kabul, Afghanistan
79. Babar came to India originally from: Farghana
80. King’s tomb not situated in the subcontinent: Aurangzeb
81. Largest state of India: Rajasthan
82. Woman Prime Minister with the longest tenure: Bandaranaike
83. Harry Potter’s creator: J.K. Rowling
84. Chromosomes: Made up of DNA as a main component
85. Vitamin provided by sunlight: Vitamin D
86. Alzheimer’s disease characterized by the degeneration of: Nerve cells
87. Civilization located on the banks of Tigris: Sumerian civilization
88. Location of Hollywood (USA film industry): California
89. Who defeated the Mongols in the 14th century: Rakn-ud-Din Berber
90. Meaning of “Vishnu”: The preserver
91. Biggest oil field of Iraq: Kirkuk oil field
92. Current Ambassador of Pakistan to USA (2021): Asad Majeed Khan
93. President of the USA during World War I: Woodrow Wilson
94. Total nuclear energy in Pakistan after completing Chashma nuclear power plant II: 787 MW
95. Diet is the name of the Parliament of: Japan
96. Year Egypt nationalized Suez Canal: 1956
97. Silicon Valley located in the state of: California, USA
98. Meaning of “Armageddon”: A final battle between nations that will end the world
99. Old name of Salisbury: Harare, Zimbabwe
100. H5N1: Virus

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