1. The largest river in Asia is the Yangtze.
2. Hockey was first played in England.
3. The word ‘Tsunami’ belongs to the Japanese language.
4. The largest contributor to the UNO’s budget is the USA.
5. The main center of Tamil activities in Sri Lanka is Jaffna.
6. The country with a constitution not in written form is the UK.
7. Antra is a news agency of Indonesia.
8. The first satellite sent by the USA into space was Explorer.
9. The world’s largest Great Coral Reef is located in Australia.
10. UNO called a decade of Education from 2004 to 2014.
11. Gandhara Art center was situated between Sindh and Jhelum.
12. Etymology is the science of words.
13. The country with the oldest anthem is Japan.
14. May 15th is observed as Family Day every year.
15. The first Viceroy of India was Lord Canning.
16. The world’s largest road tunnel is located in Switzerland.
17. One ton is equal to 10 quintals.
18. The World Wide Web was invented by Berners Lee.
19. In 1893, the Durand Line agreement was signed by the king of Afghanistan, Abdul Rehman.
20. Pakistan Day is observed on March 23rd.
21. The most abundant element present in the Universe is Hydrogen.
22. The father of the computer is Charles Babbage.
23. Spratly Islands are disputed between China and the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan.
24. The oldest organization is the League of Nations.
25. Silicon Valley is famous for Computers.
26. The oldest disease in the world is Leprosy.
27. The continent without glaciers is Africa.
28. The largest search engine on the internet is Google.
29. Germany produces the largest solar energy in the world.
30. Braille system of education is introduced for the blind.
31. Fakhara dam is disputed between India and Bangladesh.
32. Night Watch painting is painted by Rembrandt van.
33. China uses the most coal in the world.
34. The world’s largest bird is the Ostrich.
35. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine.
36. The first Muslim winner of the Nobel Prize is Anwar Sadat.
37. Archipelago means a cluster of islands.
38. Helvetia is the old name of Switzerland.
39. Kigali is the capital of Rwanda.
40. Algebra was introduced by Khwarizmi.
41. After the Pakhtuns in Afghanistan, the biggest group of races is the Tajiks.
42. Shintoism is the religion of Japan.
43. Switzerland is known as the “Playground of Europe.”
44. Big Ben is a bell.
45. Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand.
46. The Great Sandy Desert is located in Australia.
47. The Kishanganga dam is on the river Jhelum.
48. The Bosphorus connects the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea.
49. The main cause of global warming is Carbon dioxide.
50. The head office of the World Economic Forum is in Davos.
51. The total period of the Ottoman Empire is from 1299 to 1922.
52. The objective resolution became part of the constitution first time in 1985.
53. Harappa is situated on the bank of the river Ravi.
54. The father of sociology is Ibn-e-Khuldun.
55. The total strength of Supreme Court judges in Pakistan is 17.
56. “There is no restriction in Deen (Islam)” is a verse of Surah Al-Baqra.
57. The Pakistani Prime Minister who died during his office is Nawab Liaquat Ali Khan.
58. Faiz Ahmad Faiz was a poet who was imprisoned.
59. Florence Nightingale was a British nurse.
60. Napoleon Bonaparte was an Emperor and General of France.
61. Waterloo is situated in Belgium.
62. Bismarck, known as the “Man of Blood and Iron,” was the German Chancellor.
63. The term ‘Holocaust’ means the killing of Jews by Nazis during World War II.
64. Hayat Jawaid was written by Altaf Hussain Hali about the life of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
65. The book that does not belong to Allama Iqbal is Dast-i-Saba.
66. The English poet who died in his young age is John Keats.
67. Paradise Lost was written by John Milton.
68. War and Peace was written by Leo Tolstoy.
69. The author of ‘Clash of Civilizations’ is Samuel Huntington.
70. Kremlin is situated in Russia.
71. Napoleon died at St Helena.
72. The period of the House of Representatives of the USA is two years.
73. Rhinoceros, found in Africa, is a mammal.
74. The Muslim League was created in Dhaka.
75. The US president who was assassinated during his office is Abraham Lincoln.
76. Rice is cultivated in November.
77. Chenab and Jhelum join each other at Trimmu.
78. Nights and days are equal all year in Nairobi.
79. The world’s oldest space station is Baikonur.
80. British declared Palestine as a place for Jews settlement in 1917.
81. Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is situated at Kotri.
82. The water accord between the provinces was concluded in 1991.
83. The month called the brother of March is Chait.
84. The Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are joined by the Suez Canal.
85. Babri Mosque was situated at Ayodhya (UP) and demolished on December 22, 1992.
86. Wars of crusade started in 1095.
87. The book “Macbeth” was written by William Shakespeare.
88. The meaning of the term ‘Holocaust’ is the killing of Jews by Nazis during World War II.
89. Bala Hisar Fort was built by Babar.
90. Banbhor is located near Thatta.
91. The main source of employment in Pakistan is Agriculture.
92. China has the largest Army.
93. The book that contains poems “Shikwa” and “Jawab-e-Shikwa” is Bang-i-Dara.
94. The President of the USA during the First World War was Woodrow Wilson.
95. The largest state of India according to population is Uttar Pradesh.
96. ERRA stands for Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority.
97. C.R. formula was presented by Raja Gopal.
98. The largest Muslim country in Africa by population is Nigeria.
99. The highest literacy rate in SAARC is in the Maldives.
100. The largest producer of oil in OPEC is Saudi Arabia.

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