Names of World Parliaments

1. The name of the German parliament is Bundestag.

2. The world’s oldest parliament, founded in the year 930 AD, is Althing of Iceland.

3. The name of the Chinese parliament is the National People’s Congress.

4. The apex elected body in Israel is called the Knesset.

5. Cortes Generales is the official name of the Parliament of Spain.

6. The Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis-e-Shura) is the parliament of Iran.

7. The name of Israel’s Parliament is the Knesset.

8. Riksdag is the name of the parliament of Sweden.

9. “Folketing” is the parliament of Denmark.

10. The Parliament of Cuba is called the National Assembly of People’s Power.

11. The country with a parliament named as “National Congress” includes Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

12. Angola’s Parliament name is the National Assembly.

13. The United Nations General Assembly is considered the parliament of the world.

14. The name of Iceland’s parliament is Alpingi (Assembly of All).

15. The national parliament of Canada is the Parliament of Canada.

16. Denmark has a unicameral parliament.

17. The lower house of the Indian parliament is Lok Sabha.

18. The parliament in Germany is called the Bundestag.

19. Iceland has the world’s oldest parliament, the Althingi, established in 930 AD.

25. Mongolia has a unicameral parliament known as the State Great Hural.

26. The national parliament of Italy is the Chamber of Deputies.

27. Norway has a bicameral parliament consisting of the Storting and the Lagting.

28. The national parliament of Spain is the Cortes Generales.

29. The lower house of the British Parliament is the House of Commons.

30. The Isle of Man has a bicameral parliament consisting of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council.

31. Estonia has a unicameral parliament known as the Riigikogu.

32. The national parliament of Ireland is called Oireachtas.

33. Saudi Arabia has a unicameral parliament known as the Majlis-e-Shura.

34. The national parliament of Singapore is the Parliament of Singapore.

35. There are 73 British members of the European Parliament.

36. The collective name for a group of owls is a parliament.

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