Largest in the World

1. Earth’s largest ice volume is present in __________?
– Antarctica

2. Name of World’s Largest Twin Engine Jet?
– Boeing 777X

3. The largest automobile manufacturing center in the world is located at?
– Detroit USA

4. The largest opium producer province of Afghanistan is __________?
– Helmand

5. The largest planet of the solar system is __________?
– Jupiter

6. The Second Largest Cricket Ground In The World?
– Melbourne Cricket Ground

7. The world’s largest bird is __________?
– Common Ostrich

8. What is the world’s largest living mammal?
– Blue Whale

9. Which country is the largest in area?
– Russia

10. Which Country has the maximum number of airports?

11. The largest state of the USA by area is __________?
– Alaska

12. Which is the Second Largest Landlocked Country in the World?
– Kazakhstan

13. The largest waterfalls system in the world is __________?
– Angel Falls

14. World’s largest solar telescope is?
– Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope

15. Which country is the world’s largest producer of cobalt, a chemical element?
– Congo

16. The Second largest city of Pakistan is __________?
– Lahore

17. The Largest producer of solar energy in the world is __________?
– China

18. Which is the Largest seaport of Guinea?
– Port Conakry

19. Which Country has the Largest Army in the World?
– China

20. What is the second largest desert in the world after the Sahara desert?
– Arabian Desert

21. The Largest Tree in the World is in __________?
– California

22. Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world’s __________?
– largest railway station

23. Largest Gulf in the World is __________?
– Mexico Gulf

24. Which is the largest Exporter of Rice?
– India

25. Which is the world’s largest online social network, with 1.5 billion daily users?
– Facebook

26. The largest lake of salt water in the world is __________?
– Caspian

27. Largest District of Pakistan by population is __________?
– Karachi Central

28. Which SAARC Member Country has the Largest Literacy Rate?
– Sri Lanka

29. Which country has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
– Italy

30. The world’s largest Arabic audio library launched in __________?
– Dubai, UAE

31. What is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea?
– Cuba

32. Which is the largest Museum in the World?
– Louvre Museum

33. Vientiane is the capital and largest city of __________?
– Laos

34. The largest cold desert of the world is in __________?
– Antarctica

35. What is the largest flower in the world?
– Rafflesia

36. Which country is the largest producer of fruits in the world?
– China

37. Which country operated the world’s largest radio telescope Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope in September-2016?
– China

38. Which animal has the largest brain in the world?
– Sperm whale

39. Which is the largest country in Africa by land area?
– Algeria

40. The world’s largest land animal is __________?
– African bush elephant

41. The largest latitude circle on earth is __________?
– The Equator

42. Which one of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth’s surface?
– Marine Ecosystem

43. The world’s largest glacier is the Lambert glacier in Antarctica. Its length in miles is __________?
– 250

44. Which of the following is the world’s 5th largest country (by area)?
– Brazil

45. The largest coal-producing country in the world is __________?
– China

46. Which animal has the largest ears of any animal on the planet?
– African Elephant

47. The second Largest Continent (by Area) of the World is __________?
– Africa

48. Which state of the USA has the largest population in 2018?
– California

49. Which is the largest river of Canada?
– McKenzie

50. Which country is the world’s largest producer of coffee?
– Brazil

51. Which country made the world’s largest blanket in January 2019?
– Ireland

52. “Itaipu Dam” is the second largest Hydro-electric dam in the world after the Three Gorges Dam. It is located in __________?
– Brazil

53. Which Country is the second-largest Contributor to UN after the USA?
– China

54. What country is the largest producer of corn?
– US

55. Currently, which country has the largest number of tigers?
– India

56. Thar coal is __________ largest coal reserves in the world?
– 7th

57. Which is the largest Oil-Producing Member Country of OPEC?
– Saudi Arabia

58. Lake Ladoga is the largest lake by area in Europe, which is __________?
– 17,700 km²

59. The world’s largest apparel-producing country is __________?
– China

60. The Largest Continent (by Area) of the World is __________.
– Asia

61. Which is the largest Mobile service in Pakistan?
– Mobilink

62. Which country made the world’s largest amphibious aircraft AG600?
– China

63. Which Country is the largest producer of Potatoes?
– China

64. Where is the Largest man-made Waterfall?
– China

65. Which country has the largest area under cultivation?
– India

66. Which is the world’s largest refugee camp in 2018?
– Kutupalong

67. Where is the largest Coral Reef located?
– Australia

68. The Pakistan’s Largest Tea Bag Is Made by which company __________?
– Lipton

69. Which Country is the Second largest Arms Exporter in the World?
– Russia

70. The largest peninsula in the world is __________.
– Arabia

71. The largest river of Balochistan?
– Hungol river

72. The largest eggs in the world today are the eggs laid by the __________?
– Ostrich

73. _______ member of SAARC has the largest literacy rate.
– Maldives

74. Basin is a low land area. Which are the largest basins in the face of the earth?
– Rivers

75. The largest famine hit Ethiopia in __________?
– 1983

76. Which Country has been Ranked as the World’s Second Largest Weapons Manufacturer?
– Russia

77. The world’s Largest Fresh Water Lake is?
– Lake Superior

78. The world’s largest land border is between ______________?
– America and Canada

79. The largest wheat-producing country in the world is ___________?
– China

80. Which Country has the World’s Largest Constitution?
– India

81. Which is the world’s largest man-made lake by volume?
– Lake Kariba


82. Pakistan is the _____ largest cotton grower in the world.
– 5th

83. The largest democratic country in the world is __________?
– India

84. The largest ocean of the world is __________?
– Pacific

85. What is the human body’s largest organ according to the 2018 discovery?
– Interstitium

86. Which country is the third-largest contributor to the UN after the USA and China?
– Japan

87. Which one is the World’s Largest Landlocked Country?
– Kazakhstan

88. Which is Australia’s largest city by population?
– Sydney

89. Largest Arms Importer of the World is ___________?
– Saudi Arabia

90. The largest helicopter in the world is ____________?
– Mil Mi-26

91. Which is the world’s largest non-subglacial underground lake?
– Dragon’s Breath Cave

92. The world’s largest Muslim country by area is ____________?
– Kazakhstan

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