Inventions GK

  1. The invention of the airplane jet engine is credited to Chain.”
  2. The inventor of the airplane with a motor is “Wright Brothers.”
  3. Kettering” is known for the invention of the automobile self-start.
  4. The electric automobile is the invention of “Morrison.”
  5. The gasoline automobile is credited to “Duryea Daimler.”
  6. The balloon was invented by “Montgolfier.”
  7. The invention of the barometer is attributed to “Torricelli.”
  8. The modern bicycle is the invention of “Starley.”
  9. The invention of the bifocal lens is associated with “Franklin.”
  10. Braille printing was invented by “Braille.”
  11. The invention of the calculating machine is credited to “Babbage.”
  12. The Kodak camera was invented by “Eastman.”
  13. The Polaroid camera is associated with the inventor “Land.”
  14. Audio cassettes were invented by “Phillips.”
  15. Whitney’s invention is the “Cotton gin.”
  16. Lane is credited with the invention of the “Harvester thresher.”
  17. The inventor of the high-speed engine is “Daimler.”
  18. The furnace for steel was invented by “Siemens.”
  19. Fiberglass is the invention of “Both Owens and Coming.”
  20. The gun was invented by “Browning.”
  21. Jarvik is known for the invention of the “Artificial heart.”
  22. The inventor of the Hydrometer is “Baume.”
  23. The incandescent lamp was invented by “Bullock.”
  24. The Minor’s safety lamp was invented by “Davy.”
  25. The gas burner was invented by “Buensen.”
  26. The cylinder lock was invented by “Yale.”
  27. The inventor of the electric locomotive is “Vail.”
  28. The practical locomotive was invented by “Stephenson.”
  29. The power loom is the invention of “Cartwright.”
  30. The dynamic loudspeaker was invented by “Kellogg Pice.”
  31. The gas mantle was invented by “Wellsbach.”
  32. The microphone is the invention of “Berliner.”
  33. The motorcycle was invented by “Daimler.”
  34. The movie machine is the invention of “Jenkins.”
  35. The talking movie was invented by the “Warner Brothers.”
  36. The paper machine was invented by “Dickinson.”
  37. The parachute was invented by “Blanchard.”
  38. The fountain pen was invented by “Waterman.”
  39. Galileo’s invention is the “Pendulum.”
  40. Edison’s invention is the “Phonograph.”
  41. The invention of color photo is credited to “Ives.”
  42. Photographic paper was invented by “Talbot.”
  43. Colt’s invention is the “Pistol.”
  44. Hunt’s invention is the “Safety-pin.”
  45. Watson-Watt is credited with the invention of “Radar.”
  46. The inventor of the disc record is “Berliner.”
  47. The long-playing record was invented by “Goldmark.”
  48. The invention of the Richter scale is attributed to “Richter.”
  49. The sewing machine was invented by “Howe.”
  50. Stainless steel was invented by “Brearley.”
  51. The rechargeable storage battery was invented by “Plante.”
  52. The inventor of the submarine is “Holland.”
  53. The invention of frequency is associated with “Marconi.”
  54. The telephone was invented by “Graham Bell.”
  55. Galileo’s invention is the “Telescope.”
  56. The inventor of the military tank is “Swanston.”
  57. The steam-turbine was invented by “Parsons.”

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