Indus Valley Civilization

1. Aryans came to sub-continent in 1700 BC.
2. The religion of Aryans developed into Hinduism.
3. The religious book of the Aryans is known as The Vedas.
4. People of the Indus Valley civilization used bronze extensively.
5. The earlier capital of Gandhara kingdom was Pushkalavati. [Now Peshawar]
6. The university of the ancient world was situated in Taxila.
7. Gandhara division was conquered by Alexander the Great between 325-327 BC.
8. Gandhara region was invaded by Scythians in 75 BC.
9. Scythians came from Central Asia.
10. Parthians overpowered the Scythians.
11. The Indus Valley civilization belongs to the Neolithic age.
12. The capital and central city of Gandhara civilization was Taxila.
13. Aryans came from Central Asia.
14. The Indus Valley civilization flourished at Harappa and other sites as early as 2500 BC.

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