Important Treaties in the World

1. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) offers a face-saving device to P-5 and G-8 countries.

2. The Treaty of treaties is called the Hague treaty.

3. The British sold Kashmir to Gulab Singh Dogra under the Treaty of Amritsar.

4. The Treaty of Versailles settled peace in Europe.

5. The Treaty of Sevres was signed in 1920.

6. The Treaty of European Union (1992) is also known as the Maastricht Treaty.

7. The agreement that provided for territorial allocations as spheres of Western influence in the Middle East, in case of the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, is known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

8. IMF and World Bank were created through the Bretton Woods Agreement.

9. Lord Cornwallis concluded the Treaty of Seringapatam with Tipu Sultan.

10. The Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan was signed in 1960.

11. “Kyoto Protocol” is an international treaty dealing with environmental problems.

12. Under the Indus Water Treaty, the use of the Indus, Jhelum, and Chenab rivers was allocated to Pakistan.

13. According to the Treaty of Hudaibiya, a truce (peace) was declared between Muslims and Quraish for 10 years.

14. 139 members of the United Nations signed the 1998 Rome Treaty for the creation of a new international institution, the International Criminal Court.

15. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was passed in the United Nations with 122 votes in favor and only 1 against on July 7, 2017.

16. The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I.

17. Russia withdrew from Afghanistan under the Geneva Accord.

18. The Oregon Treaty brought an end to the Oregon Boundary dispute between the USA and Britain.

19. The 1818 treaty that sanctioned the UK and the USA to capture Oregon was the Oregon Treaty.

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