Important International Lines and Borders

1. The border between the USA and Canada is officially known as the “International Boundary.”

2. The country having no border line with Afghanistan is “Kyrgyzstan.”

3. The border line that separates outer space from Earth’s atmosphere is known as the “Karman line.”

4. The total length of the border between the United States and Mexico is “3145 KM.”

5. The world’s largest land border is between “America and Canada.”

6. Working boundary is the border between Pakistan and “Indian-occupied Kashmir.”

7. The length of the USA and Canada border is “8891 KM.”

8. Hindenburg line divides “Germany and Poland.”

9. Mannerheim line separates Russia from “Finland.”

10. International date line passes through the “Bering Strait.”

11. The boundary line between Germany and Poland is the “Oder-Neisse Line.”

12. The boundary line between Canada and the United States is the “49th Parallel Line.”

13. The line that divides Turkish and Greek Cyprus communities is the “Green Line.”

14. Working boundary is the border between Pakistan and “Indian-occupied Kashmir.”

15. The border between North Korea and South Korea is known as the “DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).”

16. The Durand Line is the international border between “Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

17. The border between Egypt and Israel is known as the “Green Line.”

18. The border between India and Pakistan is known as the “Radcliffe Line.”

19. The country that shares the longest international border with China is “Russia.”

20. The border between Spain and Portugal is marked by the “Tagus River.”

21. The border disputes between the US and Mexico were settled in “1970.”

22. The number of US states bordering the Gulf of Mexico is “5.”

23. The last town on the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan before the Chinese border is “Sost.”

24. The border that separates the United States and Mexico is the “Rio Grande.”

25. Goldsmid Line is the border between “China & India.”

26. The Curzon Line was a proposed border between “Poland and Germany.”

27. The MacMahon Line is associated with the border dispute between “India and China.”

28. The 17th parallel was the dividing line established during the “Vietnam War.”

29. Rann of Kutch boundary line is known as the “24th parallel line.”

30. The 38th parallel is a significant line of latitude that demarcates the border between “North Korea and South Korea.”

31. The 49th parallel is the border between “United States and Canada.”

32. The Maginot Line was a fortification system built by “France.”

33. The Mannerheim Line was a defensive fortification built by “Finland.”

34. The Blue Line is associated with the border between “Israel and Lebanon.”

35. The Line of Control (LoC) is a disputed boundary line between “India and Pakistan.”

36. The Hindenburg Line was a defensive fortification built during “World War I.”

37. The Strait of Gibraltar separates “Europe and Africa.”

38. The Mackenzie River serves as a natural boundary line in “Canada.”

39. The Line of Control (LoC) separates “India and Pakistan.”

40. The 180th meridian serves as the boundary line between the “Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere.”

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