Famous Paintings

1. Early Renaissance artists used the Graeco-Roman style of painting.

2. “Last Judgment” is the famous painting of Michelangelo.

3. “Guernica,” the world-famous painting, was painted by Picasso.

4. The famous painting “The Sunflower” is painted by Vincent van Gogh.

5. The famous painting “Mona Lisa” was the creation of Leonardo da Vinci.

6. The famous painting “Mona Lisa” is displayed at the museum of Paris.

7. “Night Watch” is a famous painting.

8. “The Kiss” was painted by Gustav Klimt.

9. The world’s most famous painting ‘The Last Supper’ was created by Leonardo da Vinci.

10. The famous painting La Gioconda is better known as “Mona Lisa.”

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