Famous Bridges of the World

  1. Chapel Bridge is in “Switzerland.”
  2. The world’s longest sea bridge was constructed by “China.”
  3. The world’s longest Sea Bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau, and China is the “Zhuhai Macau Bridge.”
  4. Glass Bridge is located in “China.”
  5. The famous “Natural Bridge” is located in “Virginia, USA.”
  6. Chengyang Bridge (Wind and Rain Bridge) is located in “China.”
  7. The total construction cost of the world’s longest sea bridge is “$20bn.”
  8. The world’s longest bridge over water, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, is in the “United States.”
  9. China built the world’s longest sea bridge.
  10. The world’s longest sea bridge Zhuhai Macau links “Hong Kong and China.”
  11. The world’s longest bridge, Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge, is in “China.”
  12. World’s famous bridge “Golden Gate” is in “San Francisco.”
  13. The bridge in Istanbul, Turkey, that connects Asia and Europe is called the “Bosphorus Bridge.”
  14. Millau Bridge is in “France.”
  15. The name of the longest bridge in the world is “The Danyang-Kunshan.”
  16. The world’s longest sea bridge is the “Zhuhai Macau Bridge.”
  17. Charles Bridge is located in the “Czech Republic.”
  18. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Kob Naruto Route Japan is the world’s largest suspension bridge. Its span is (c) “1001 m.”

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